Join Saturist

We're building a design studio that is focused on the people, rather than a system.
In most companies, having employees become irreplaceable is a business risk - a liability. We're hoping to create a work environment where unique skills are cherished and helped to reach the full potential.

If this means you'll eventually leave Saturist, for example to begin a startup, we'll salute you and might just turn out to be the first investors.

If corporations were farms, we're more like a motley crew of "free-range" designers.
Sounds like a typical marketing mumbo-jumbo? Here's how it looks like in practise…

No project managers

You'll be your own boss, talking to the clients directly.
With great power comes great responsibility.

Remote a-okay

Aka work wherever. Though, we do have a lovely office in Tallinn, Estonia.
Also a co-working space can be arranged if you wish to work in one wherever you are.
Digital nomads and freelancers, ahoy!

Asynchronous work-schedule?

A fancy way of saying you're free to choose when to do the work.
Be it at night or after doing a gym session in the middle of the day. Fine by us.

We hold regular events

Events range from social occasions to knowledge sharing. Most recently a visit to a Drink & Draw session and a tour to a local craft brewery, accompanied with sauna and dinner. Twice a year there's also bigger events, the next one being a week-long trip to Turkey.

Please send your portfolio to